move in sync with the rhythm of spirit

Welcome Friends...

I’m so glad you’re here! I invite you to explore the many different ways that you can engage with me and my body of work. I serve clients and students both online and in person through classes, workshops, community circles, spiritual readings, and embodied coaching sessions. I also share free content through my blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and most social media platforms. New projects in the works for 2024 include my first book and online course on the topic of Dance Divination as well as the launch of Synergy Dance Collective - a community of movement artists that desire to impact our world through spiritually-inspired dance works.

Spiritual Dance Guide

Join me as I guide you through dance and movement experiences that can enhance your spiritual journey, nurture your relationship with your physical body, and teach you to flow with the energy of the cosmos. My classes, workshops, and spiritual gatherings are designed to ignite your creativity and teach you how to embody the wisdom of spirit.

Intuitive Reader

I offer a variety of in-person and digital readings so that you can receive the spiritual insight and direction needed to move forward with confidence and clarity. My intuitive guidance can include Channeled Movement Transmissions, Tarot/Oracle, and Astrology Readings. Individual and packaged services are available.

Dance Divination Educator

Immerse yourself in the practice of Dance Divination and discover how movement can help unlock the mysteries of spirit. After developing and engaging with this practice for more than two decades, I now offer in-depth education and training in this unique process of receiving and interpreting spirit-led movement to help facilitate spiritual growth, psychic activation, and personal/collective healing.

Cosmic Choreographer

I create customized movement sequences to help you manifest the life you long to live. When we embody the cosmic wisdom available to us, we attract that energy into our own orbit. My choreographic process is informed by natal and/or current astrological energies to provide a unique and powerful spiritual tool. This can be done in a private, 1-1 container as well as through group classes and workshops.